Saturday, April 19, 2014

+ + Let's Go For A Ride

Going on bike rides has always been one of my all time favorite things to do to be outside and get exercise, and to just enjoy my self. And now that it is spring (wee!) I can go on more and more bike rides! 
crop top // Forever 21
shirt // TJ Maxx
pants // Forever 21
bag // Forever 21
shoes // Forever 21
^shocking really... haha^
This week was pretty chilly compaired to last, which is a bummer but hopefully it will warm up and stay warm soon!! xoxolivia.

Friday, April 18, 2014

+ + Friday Friday!

OMG! It's Friday! At last, boy I thought it'd never come! But today we had a half day so Ally and I went prom dress shopping... Yes you read that correctly... Ally's going to prom!! WOO! I am so excited for her, hopefully I can hover around when she's getting ready and snap some beauty shots :) So the super annoying thing though about our school is that our prom is so casual people literally wear sun dresses. But y'all know me... I will wear something sparkly and floofy, I just know it. We tried Lex's of Carytown but all they had were super flouncy dresses that were just decked out and that's not really what Ally was looking for... Then we tried Fab'rik and they had some super cute stoofs, I tried a couple dresses on myself, but nothing really prom worthy if you know what I mean. So no success this time, but we are still on the hunt! Anyone have any fave online places to get a casual cute prom dress??

After some shopping we went to Mellow Mushroom for a late-ish lunch. Delishious as always!  I think I may have a pizza problem. I love pizza; hey it will never break your heart, nor will it ever smite you! So pizza always wins ^__^ !!
Pesto pizza is my favorite :)
After lunch we went home and took some pics that I can't wait to share with you all sometime next week! Later in the evening Ally, Saunders, my Dad and I went and saw a production of Arabian Nights, It was super good! I am pretty sure we read the book in sixth grade... 
Tomorrow I am having a small tea party with my besties, I am so excited and staying up late getting ready! It is going to be loads of fun :) 
I'll be sure to post some pics (duh)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Fancying Up The Jumpsuit

Good Morning :)
Today I am going to share with you the last of the photos that Ally and I took when we went to UofR, explored, and took loads of photos. It's a pretty short video and post but, short and sweet am I right? I'm so right...
I love jumpsuits and rompers and I always have. They are so so comfortable and playful- some at least. I have so many jumpsuits, overalls, onezies, and rompers. It's so much easier than picking out an entire outfit, more casual then a dress, and super moveable!
jumpsuit // Burlington Coat Factory
jacket // Cynthia Rowley
shoes // Capezio Character Shoes
Have a happy Sunday :)

Saturday, April 12, 2014

It's Saturday!

Floral, Funky Fuzzy from Olivia on Vimeo.
Saturday, Saturday, Saturday!!
Hello All... not much to say besides the fact that it is beautiful this weekend and I am so excited to soak up the sun (and hopefully get some rest...) I have some fun plans for this weekend :) You'll here more about those later ;)
all clothing // thrifted
shoes // Target
Love ya! What are your weekend plans? Let me know! xoxolivia.

Friday, April 11, 2014

An Evening By The Lake

Happy Friday Friends!
Today was a pretty long day (school wise) and I have been so so sleep deprived for what seems like ever; on that note... I am going to try to make this quick and head to bed. 

Today Ally and I went to the University of Richmond campus and took some photos, and shot a video!! I am so excited to show you guys all the photos and video... there are three sets and the videos are all under a minute and super cute :) Thanks Al!
An Evening By The Lake from Olivia on Vimeo.
shirt // thrifted
shorts // hand-me-down
glasses // dollar store (chah-ching!)
earrings // gifted.
I hope you all liked the video, what are your thought's on videos and what do you want to see more of in videos?? I love hearing what you think :) xoxolivia. 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Lollipops Eyes and Blooming Spring

It's here!!! Ahhh at last... the long awaited warmth is finally here, and here to stay!! (Or so I hope...) And I am bringing out the warm weather spring-summer uniform: Overalls, flowey shirts and chaco's or no shoes... haha I am wearing kedds here though due to my blisters... 
 This hat was made last weekend during my ultimate boredom. It was super easy all I did was paint the eyes, let it dry, and then totally rocked it all weekend long ;) I'm not a huge baseball cap wearer but I love them and I am starting up a collection hehehe...    
 I am also working on my wink! I have come to the realization that my right eye is the eye that I can wink without having to do the overly dramatic scrunch of the face and super wide open mouth... Where as my left eye that is the case.. But I am still working on it! Every night before bed, I look in the mirror and practice my winking. No joke I really do, guys, I seriously want to be a winker. 
 These Lollipops are the best! We buy them in massive bags from stores like Ikea and HomeGoods. They are awesome... I eat them so quickly though, so I eat a lot... hey, they're delicious, and tiny!
If you noticed... The past few posts haven't been my typical back/front yard, I have been going up to this little, park (i guess that's what you'd call it) right at the top of my street to take photos. It's super pretty, especially when the trees look like this :) 
It's right on the main road so yeahh... I get some honks and cat calls every now and then haha... But it's fun, hey why hide the fact that I have a totally awesome blog with amazing readers..?! Love y'all, happy spring! xoxolivia.